48r26wifvtAndhra Pradesh, a southern state of India celebrates a number of festivals. Some of them are their very own and others are celebrated with pomp and gaiety by the people Andhra. Among the Festivals of India, Holi or Festival of Color is a cause of jubilation in Andhra Pradesh.

Holi in Andhra Pradesh is celebrated on the the month of Phalguna that is March according the English calender. Holi is observed on the full moon day or Purnima. This Indian Festival has close association with the Hindu myths related to Lord Shiva.

It is believed that during Lord Shiva was meditating, cupid shot his arrows to inflict love in him. But Shiva was outraged by this disturbance, he burnt cupid to ashes by the power of his third eye. When Cupid's wife asked for mercy to Lord Shiva, he granted a wish that he can come back to his original form only on this particular day of the year.

Starting a week or so before Holi, a ritual of burning dry woods and sticks is performed. The people celebrating this ritual perform dance and music surrounding the holy fire. The merry making continues with offering of grains to the fire. Specially the Banjaras in Andhra Pradesh perform this rite very religiously. The following day is celebrated with colors.


Idd-Ul-Fitr is a festival that is religiously celebrated in Andhra Pradesh. Idd-Ul-Fitr is mainly a festival of the Muslims. They celebrate it with gaiety and frolic. It is celebrated as a special occasion in Hyderabad and in the rest of Andhra Pradesh, in India.

Idd-Ul-Fitr in Andhra Pradesh and as well in the other Islamic countries is celebrated on the 1st of Shawwal, or the tenth lunar month according to the Islamic calender. Idd-Ul-Fitr is celebrated on the day the followers of the Islamic religion break a one month long fast. Generally, the fasting starts 4 am in the morning and ends when the sun sets. Nothing is eaten or drank when the fasting is observed. The fast is usually broken by eating fruits, specially dates and melons. The 27th day of the Ramzan or the holy fasting, is considered to be the most auspicious. This day in the Islamic calender is known as Lailut-ul-Qadar. The night is spent reading the holy Quran as it is believed that the Quran was introduced on this very day from heaven.


Memorizing and paying homage to Hasan and Hussain on their death anniversaries, Muharram is followed in all parts of Andhra Pradesh. Indicating the dawn of New Year of Muslims, the festival primarily involves mourning sessions that are organized by both sunni and shia communities.

Being the grandsons of Prophet Mohammed, Hasan and Hussain hold an intensely pious place in the hearts of the Muslim people. As such, the entire Muslim sect becomes bereaved members of Hazrat Mohammed's extended family and sacrifices every possible source of mirth and exultation during the ten days of Muharram. While the sunnis are found in green attires, the shias wear black clothes to express their grief and agony on the occasion.

Since Hussain was assassinated in Kerbala by the battalion of king Yazid, the battle scenes are posted in all the shia mosques. During the entire period of Muharram, the women of shia community wear off all types of jewelleries and other items of make-up. Instead, they leave their hairs uncombed and wear sober colored cloths to mourn over the death of Hussain.


Like the rest of the world, Andhra Pradesh is also known to celebrate the festival of Christmas with sufficient interest and heartiness. The appearance of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December has transformed the day as one of the most sacred and joyous days of the year.

Although a special occasion for the Christian communities, Christmas has today become a secular festival of India. Not only the people of Andhra Pradesh but also the entire population of the world celebrates this day to commemorate the birth of Christ on earth. Believed to protect the mankind from the evil elements, Jesus came to the world thousands of centuries back on this day.

The beginning of this extraordinary day starts from singing in and listening to church choirs that beautifully describes the sacred deeds of Jesus who also represents kindness and humane activities. The Christians make beautiful Christmas tress and keep stockings full of gifts in their kid’s room. In the wee hours the first thing the children look for is the stockings in the hope that the Santa Claus has put lucrative presents in these stockings.

The uniqueness of Christmas in Andhra Pradesh lies in the fact that the Syrian Christians of the place celebrate the occasion with well-decorated elephants, colorful umbrellas and melodious religious rhythms. The other Christian sects of the state spend the entire day much like the remaining part of the world.